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China Steel

What to Look for in China Steel Manufacturers

When it comes to picking a supplier for steel, there are many choices available. Depending on your needs, the Chinese market can supply you at a less expensive cost and easier than local markets. Importing steel, when the average cost is 10% less than buying locally, makes sense from an economic standing.

Steel prices are depressed because of a combination of economic and political factors that have created a buyer???s market where prices are low and customer service is high. Finding a supplier for your steel that will work with you and has your interests at heart is the most important thing.

Of the many Chinese steel companies, the best one for you will depend on a number of factors. Whether you are in the market for corrugated galvanized steel, hot rolled steel plate or whatever steel needs you have, there are some basic factors that are desired in a supplier:

Quality assurance. Your steel manufacturer has to be able to provide 100% quality in all of their products. Tested and guaranteed to perform exactly as expected. Your quality requirements need to be met by the manufacturer.

Price guarantee. If the price of steel drops after you place an order, you should get the best price if your order has not been completed. Find a company that keeps your costs in mind, no matter what fluctuations the global market is going through.

Expansive range. In addition to saving you time in ordering, having all of your needs supplied by one manufacturer will save money on shipping. Keeping your costs down is one of your most important concerns. Find a steel manufacturer that will keep your needs in mind and isn???t afraid of making suggestions to keep your costs down.

On time delivery. Your schedule is critical for manufacturing, you need a company that makes meeting your schedule their top priority. A large enough company will have stock on hand and the raw materials to create special orders without a significant time delay.

Flexible payment options. Not everyone has cash on hand to pay for orders when they are made, working with a company that understands this and has already set up multiple payment options will make getting the contract through your own company easier.

Cost saving options. Not all customers need the finishing touches that add extra money to the bill. You need a company that will work with you on the finishing requirements of your order, no matter what size it is. A company that is willing to find your tax rebate and cost saving options can save you thousands of dollars on your order.

Finding a company that offers all of these advantages and more should be your goal. You also need a company that can weather government regulations and global market downturns.

Legislation is becoming more aggressive for China steel suppliers and you need a company that is willing to put your interests to the forefront.

Learn what to look for if you need Corrugated Galvanized Steel from a Chinese steel exporter.


Seven Reasons to Buy Steel from China

With the depression of steel prices on the global market, it has become less expensive, in many cases, to import raw steel from China to finish at local metal manufacturing facilities than to buy locally. Demand currently doesn???t match output, which creates a buyer???s market for steel.

Although price is the major reason to import steel, other reasons include:

  • Depressed prices. Again, China steel manufacturers have overproduced product for what the demand is global. This has caused a depression of steel prices for both foreign and domestic steel. With relaxed tariffs in the US, the cost of imported steel is still less than that of domestic manufacturers and steel mills.
  • Over ordering. Having a lot of raw material setting around can work to your benefit. China???s steel industry has started to slow down their production, but the raw material has already been acquired and is costing manufacturer???s overhead costs just to keep it.
  • High-quality. China???s government has recently tightened up their regulations concerning steel mills, closing many that couldn???t maintain the minimum standards set. This has left the companies that are still in business taking a greater concern on the quality of their products and manufacturing methods.
  • Excellent customer service. With the slowing down of production, China???s steel manufacturers are fighting harder over a smaller market share and offering inducements to get your business. One of the primary inducements they can offer is excellent customer service and keeping current and potential customers happy and satisfied.
  • Price locks. Taking the worry out of a fluctuating market price helps raw steel importers control their bottom line. Instead of waiting for the price to creep down, inhibiting manufacturing while waiting for the price to bottom out, you can plan ahead for costs by ordering now, at the current rate, and having the steel shipped to your facility on your schedule.
  • Dependable shipping schedules. With the accumulation of raw materials, scheduling your order becomes easier. The Chinese companies already have the material for your order in stock and can begin work on it, immediately. This allows for planned ordering and shipping without having to worry about the global market availability.
  • Tariff issues. Currently, the trade atmosphere between China and the US favors the import of steel over buying it within the US. Importing steel, even with the costs of transportation factored in, costs about 10% less than buying from US suppliers.

Modernized facilities and an emphasis on increasing their economic output have made the current dynamic between China and the US a perfect place for finished steel manufacturers. Latest steel prices, cheap shipping and a ready supply of materials will keep Chinese steel flowing into the American marketplace as long as the market will sustain it or until the government steps in to put an end to the market status that Chinese steel currently enjoys.


Market Demand and Economic Uncertainty -Creating the Perfect Time to Import Steel












Latest Galvanized Steel Prices From

Latest Steel Prices

Steel Coil Sizes Steel Price
0.5*1250*C $710/MT




0.6*1250*C $705/MT
0.7*1250*C $700/MT
0.8*1250*C $695/MT
0.9*1250*C $693/MT
1.0*1250*C $690/MT
1.2*1250*C $693/MT
1.5*1250*C $690/MT
2.0*1250*C $685/MT
2.5*1250*C $703/MT
0.8*1250*C $780/MT JIS??G3302??SGCC/ASTM



1.0*1250*C $770/MT
1.2*1250*C $760/MT
1.5*1250*C $730/MT
2.0*1250*C $730/MT
2.5*1250*C $710/MT
3.0*1250*C $710/MT
3.5*1250*C $720/MT
4.0*1250*C $725/MT

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