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As the country logically develops towards a period of industrialization, the utilization of steel has expanded in accordance with the requests of industry. Steel is a critical fundamental material needed by all circles of advancement and contributes to country building. We endeavor to serve you with full polished steel supply methodology. Steel from China is committed to presenting to you the absolute best Mild Steel from China, guaranteeing you will trust in China Steel as much as we do.

Steel From China is devoted to giving our clients the most astounding quality in inventive, dependable china steel items and administrations. Our adaptable organization structure is the consequence of our profound duty to client administration, and our rundown of steadily developing, fulfilled clients demonstrates it. Consistent upgrades in the procedures and innovation of the steel business are only one of the numerous routes in which we work to set up The Company as the area’s leading steel exporting and trading worldwide. Most as of late, we are pleased to report the expansion of Steel Sections, Steel Pipe, Steel Tube, Steel Coil, Steel Sheet and Steel Plate.


We’ve been trading subsequent to 2002 and from that point we have profited many investors, brokers and end clients from over the globe. Since from the advancement of the web, was made by our guardian organization Sunspeed Group as a route for clients to discover us and to appreciate a site that offers better understanding into us as Steel Suppliers and into the China Steel world, We welcome you to exploit our official site and the Quick Quote page which makes it simple for you to get the most recent Steel Prices for your product at whatever point you require them. We would like to be a source you can depend on long into the future for quality China Steel.

By keeping up and consistently enhancing our quality product range you’re certain to discover all that you require in one spot. Backed up by our adaptable and alluring installment terms you needn’t shop anyplace else for Steel From China.

Since it was steel that brought you here, we’ve made it our need to place an endless gathering of Mild Steel items readily available. You will discover shipment photographs, regularly updated steel prices, open points of interest of our Chinese steel mills and that’s just the beginning, all on SteelFromChina. We trust you will consider us as your future hot spot for China Steel and welcome you to visit our workplaces in Beijing.


Market Demand and Economic Uncertainty -Creating the Perfect Time to Import Steel

The current picture of steel manufacturing the world over is driven by two countries. The United States is importing large amounts of raw and finished steel products. China is meeting and exceeding these demands, while also continuing to import large amounts of iron ore in their steel manufacturing industry. Conflicts and agreements between these two countries has created a situation where prices continue to fall and production continues to rise. More products have to be made, or imported, to meet economic demands.

China has been garnering a lot of attention lately with their expansion of steel exports. Currently the largest exporter in the world, Chinese production is still increasing, driving prices down globally and making Chinese steel products cost- and time-effective.

The United States has imported over 10 million metric tons of steel in the first quarter of 2014. Demands in the auto industry and energy drilling have increased and although American steelmakers have filed trade cases arguing for an increase in tariffs, most of those cases are unresolved at present and the market remains open.

Many US steel mills are supporting tariffs against imported finished steel, but are also big importers of raw steel that they use to make finished products. This has created a market that the steel industry is trying to exploit for specific gains, while hurting foreign steel makers for producing the same products for a cheaper price.

Internationally, the price of iron ore is primarily determined by Chinese demand. China is the largest consumer of iron ore in the world, even with the current economic slowdown. This slowdown has resulted in lowering factory output and slowing retail sales. Continuing this trend will result in a depression of the world market for iron ore as less is used and inventory builds up in Chinese ports.

These two factors, increased Chinese manufacture and a looming tariff on importing steel to the US has created the perfect moment for importing steel for your industry or business. Locking in low import prices, now, before the tariff laws raise them will ensure a steady supply of raw or finished steel from China while avoiding the uncertainty that will follow the US tariff decisions.

Good business sense suggests that you buy while prices are low. It is unlikely that production will continue at this level much longer. The economic and manufacturing changes occurring in Chinese steel suppliers will slow production down.  If the tariffs go into effect in the US, the prices for imported steel will necessarily rise. Now is the time to buy steel.

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A general overview of the state of steel imports and exports between the US and China with a look forward at the coming tariff disputes and economic slowdown. The emphasis is on purchasing while steel prices are low and the economic picture is still stable.

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This article highlights the current state of affairs between the US and China over the steel import/export situation. It gives a general overlook of the economic positioning of each country and the most likely outcomes.

Welcome to the Steel From China Blog!

Hooray and welcome to the brand new Steel From China Blog ??? an exciting addition to our website for 2013 and beyond! was originally made in January 2012 to give you a more transparent insight into our company, Sunspeed Group and to also make us easier to find on the worldwide web. Since 2012 we’ve received hundreds of inquiries from all over the world and have made some excellent partnerships which we are very grateful for.

From our visitors / customer feedback we realise you want more than steel prices and shipment photos, so this blog is here to do just that!

We want to show you how truly dedicated we are to giving you the best service and best quality steel consistently. So expect this blog to take our relationship with you, our customer, that one step further so you can really get to know us and decide for yourself if we are the right choice for you.

We???re going to pack this blog full of shipment reports, exciting company news, deeper product information and insightful articles about China???s steel industry. There’s a wealth of experience amongst our team and we hope to tap into that to give you some really gritty “on the ground” know how about how things operate in China.

If you’ve signed up for our weekly steel price updates then you’ll also benefit from blog post updates so you can keep up-to-date with our company’s daily business.

Because we???ll be writing a few articles about the steel industry, we welcome your suggestions if you’d like us to explore a topic you are particularly interested to know more about. We are very flexible in terms of topics, so we would be more than happy to investigate any issue our readers may find interesting. Likewise, we look forward to your contributions via our comments section!