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Galvanized Steel and Galvanized Steel Coil

Galvanized Steel Coil and Galvanized Steel?? are essentially carbon steel sheet coated with zinc on both sides via an electroplating method. The zinc coating acts as a barrier between the precious metal its coated on and prevents it from rusting by being sacrificed in its place. Hot dipping and electro-galvanizing are two most widely used processes used in order to produce Galvanized Steel and Galvanized Steel Coil. On most processes the hot dip process entails the passing of steel that needs to be galvanized through a bath of molten zinc. The electro galvanizing process consists of the submission of zinc by electrolytic temperament. The resultant metal has a layer of zinc tightly is a layer of zinc that???s stuck to the precious metal through a layer of iron-zinc bonding. Likewise, Galvanized Steel Coil is obtained by passing of steel coil that needs to be galvanized through a bath of molten zinc which provide great resistance to corrosion. Galvanized Steel Coil have great deforming and forming properties making them ideal for fabrication via bending and pressing.

A coating made of zinc is one of the most economical and most durable coatings out there. It???s also one of the greatest methods of preserving precious metals to date from the corrosion effect of the environment. The zinc coating will sacrifice?? itself to save the underlying precious metal. The sacrificing of the zinc protective barrier begins when two different kinds of metals come in contact with the water, oxygen and carbon in the atmosphere. Zinc corrodes quite favorably for iron in steel. Zinc coating minimizes the spreading of corrosion once it???s cut from its edges or drilled holes in or metal breaks. It must be kept in mind without a zinc coasting most of the metal structures in the?? world would corrode at an unbelievable rate and fall down without a moment???s notice.

There???s is no other coating that matches zinc unique combination with steel and gives as many advantages.?? Thanks to zinc coating Galvanized Steel provide the longest term of protection?? at lowest long term and initial cost. Since It???s easy to reproduce and economically beneficial zinc coating for producing Galvanized Steel?? is used globally. An essential advantage of the process is that a standard intermediate coating thickness is applied every time. It makes the metals harder,?? more stronger providing outstanding toughness and resistance. Galvanized steel coatings can literally inspect themselves. This is due to because the reaction between steel and molten zinc in the galvanizing bath doesn???t occur until the surface of the steel is completely clean of any impurities. Therefore a galvanized coating if appears safe and ready is definitely safe and ready for use.

50 Tons of Galvanized Steel Coil to Thailand

Galvalume Steel Coils for Thailand

Galvanized steel coil is our most exported product.

These 50 tons of DX51D grade GI coil were for our regular customer in Thailand. This customer is an end user that uses galvanized steel coil to make keels.

We have cooperated with them for over one year and a half now and receive regular orders of galvanized coil in 0.4, 0.45, 0.55 and 0.65mm thicknesses.

Galvanized Steel Coil in Stock

Because the steel coil for this order was readily available in stock, after receiving confirmation of the open 30 days LC on 1 February 2013 we were able to prepare the coils and ship them out in just 23 days. The goods set sail for Thailand on 24 February 2013.

When the steel product you require is in stock we can ensure your goods are delivered to the port within 25 days upon receiving deposit payment.

For future goods the average lead-time is 45 days. This only varies majorly when there is a Chinese holiday such as Spring Festival. Rolled steel products like galvanized steel coil are quite easy to schedule with the mills we work with so there is never much of a waiting time for fresh goods.

More About the Order

Getting more down to specifics, this particular order of GI coil had zero spangle, was unoiled and skin passed.

Fun Fact: These days in China you can only order zero or regular spangle. Nobody produces small spangle anymore.

The size was 0.65 x 1250mm x C. This size is regularly produced in China, so the price we can offer you for a width like this is more favorable.

Top Tip: Ordering coil with a width of 1000mm or more will get you the best price. Anything under 1000mm is considered an irregular size in China, is rarely produced and will cost extra to make.

Sometimes smaller widths can be rolled for our customers but MOQ is higher. Alternatively the galvanized steel coils can be processed to make them narrower, however, this also puts the price up due to wastage and processing costs.

Galvalume Steel Coil to Fiji Loaded in a 20GP Container

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